Duties & Responsibilities of the Head Coach

1. Attend P.I.A.A./W.P.I.A.L. mandatory rules meetings prior to the start of each season as directed by the Athletic Director. Failure to attend will result in the coach being responsible for any associated fines.

2. Have a firm understanding of, and abide by, the rules, regulations, and bylaws of the Union Area School District, Union Area School District Athletic Department, W.P.I.A.L., and P.I.A.A.

3. Provide to the Athletic Director, prior to the student-athlete’s participation, the P.I.A.A. physician certificate/parent certificate form and the signed Union Area Athletic Department Policy Handbook from student-athlete and parent/guardian, for each participating student-athlete.

4. Prepare and submit to the Athletic Director a roster of his/her team within seven (7) days of first official practice. It is the Head Coach’s responsibility to contact the Athletic Director with any additions or subtractions to their original roster as the season progresses.

5. Submit a bus departure time list for all scheduled away athletic contests and submit it to the Athletic Director within seven (7) days of the first away contest. Be sure that list is sent home with your athletes.

6. At athletic contests, in the absences of a designated game manager, the Head Coach is the acting authority (game manager) of the event.

7. Head coaches are responsible for the behavior, safety, and welfare of the members of his/her team during practices, games, and all team-associated events. Coaches should encourage and personally exhibit proper conduct at all times. This includes, but is not limited to, exhibiting good sportsmanship, use of proper language, and showing respect for opponents, officials, and opposing fans. Players must be supervised at all times when under the coach’s jurisdiction.

8. Ensure that all student-athletes have a ride home from practices, games, and team-associated events before leaving the facility.

9. Ensure that all outside doors are closed and locked during and at the end of all practices and games.

10. Adhere to the Anti-Bullying policy as described in the Union Area School District student handbook.

11. Work collaboratively with the team trainer and/or team physician in order to ensure each student athlete’s health and safety.