Transition planning is required for all students with disabilities, at the time the student turns 14 (or sooner if appropriate), who qualify for special education services.  Transition planning is required by federal law (IDEA 2004) and Pennsylvania regulations (Chapter 14). According to the PA Department of Education, studies show that a large number of students receiving special education services do not pursue education or training beyond high school and, when compared to the general population, are not as successful as adults in the work place and in living independently in the community. Transition planning assists in closing these gaps.

At UASD, the IEP team, which includes education staff, parents, the student, and personnel from outside agencies, work together to create an individualized transition plan.  The transition plan includes the student’s goals in the areas of postsecondary education, employment, and independent living.  A coordinated set of activities are planned for each goal area.  Some examples of transition acivities that UASD proudly offers are:  participation in Pre-Employment Transtion services, Work-Based Learning Experiences (WBLE), job shadowing, Community-Based Vocational Instruction (CBVT), and OVR Early Reach Workshops.

Federal law (IDEA 2004) requires school districts to invite community agencies to transition aged students’ IEPs that are likely to be responsible for providing a program for transition services prior to and/or after graduation.  This invitation can only be extened with parental consent to the agency representative.  This includes agencies such as the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, the Office of Developmental Programs, the Office of Mental Health, and other community agencies providing services to adults.

For more information, please contact:

Marisa Federici, Transition Coordinator
Union Area School District
724-658-4501 x4200

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