Vision Statement

Each individual in the Union Area School District community is the source of our strength. Our vision is to instill in each of our students that striving for greatness entails being ready to navigate life responsibly and respectfully.

We recognize that parent and community involvement, as well as collaboration among staff, administration, and the Board of Directors are essential elements for success. Providing a safe, welcoming, tolerant environment in which all students can achieve excellence is a hallmark of our school community.

Students and children in the community are our first priority. From birth to graduation and beyond, we will foster growth for lifelong learning skills and opportunities for our students.

Family involvement provides a connection and means of support that greatly influences students to attain their maximum potential.

We believe that everyone is unique and plays an important role in the establishment of the “Scottie Way” culture.

With excellence expected in all, our outcome will be productive, successful members of society who continually search for ways to give back to their community.