The Community

Union Township, New Castle, PA

Our community and business partners are a vital part of our school. They provide us with special programs and resources, recognize achievement and provide scholarship monies, and share their skills, talents and careers. These mentors for our students participate in job-shadowing, teaching our students the benefits of having people skills, communication skills, technology skills, ownership and character, and a strong work ethic.

Always supportive in every way, they also stress to our students the importance of striving for excellence and being committed to success.

The community STEP (Senior Tax Exchange Program) program participants volunteer their time to tutor and help with other activities within the school building.

Parents are actively involved at all times and are the connection between home and school. They should be supportive of the school’s decisions, yet still be able to have a productive input and feedback in regards to their child’s education.

Through regular communication, phone calls, newsletters, homework sheets, volunteering, attending PTO parent workshops and the numerous programs held after-school, i.e. Open House, Reading Night, Family Math Night, Art and Music Shows, Library P.M., Environmental Fair, etc., they play a powerful role in the education of their children and greatly influence the type of students their children become.

Parents are not only responsible to provide their children with the basic needs, but to also have an awareness of and be accountable for what is going on in the school, stressing the importance of receiving a solid, well-balanced education.