Capstone Project Description

The Capstone Project is designed to help students showcase their education, activities, and skills as they graduate from Union Area High School. Each year in high school, students will participate in various activities and learning experiences in order to help them develop their plan after graduation.

Students who attend Union Area for all four years of high school will be required to complete all four years of the Capstone Project. If a student transfers to Union Area during high school, they will be expected to complete the Capstone Project for the grade level in which they enroll.

Ninth Grade Requirements

Tenth Grade Requirements

Eleventh Grade Requirements

Twelfth Grade Requirements


Community Service

We believe that giving back is an important activity for students. As such, students will be asked to complete community service hours each year. Below is a list of organizations that have been approved for community service. If a student completes his/her community service at one of these locations, prior approval is not needed. If a student completes his/her community service at a location that is not on this list, he/she must seek approval from his/her English teacher prior to completing the hours.

Please note: All community service must be approved by the student’s English teacher prior to completing the hours if the agency isn’t listed below.

Ninth Grade Community Service Form

Tenth Grade Community Service Form

Eleventh Grade Community Service Form

Twelfth Grade Community Service Form


Approved Community Service Agencies