Mission & Goals

The mission of the Union Area School District is:

“Commitment to Excellence Today; Youth Preparing for Tomorrow.”

The abbreviated motto consistent with the district mission is:

“Preparation, Commitment, Excellence”

The goals of the district are to provide academic, social, and emotional growth, to develop each child’s full potential in a positive learning experience, to provide a smooth transition from elementary learning to high school learning in the middle school, and to provide educational opportunities to ensure academic and social growth in the secondary.

Union offers:

  • Excellent computer resources from kindergarten through graduation.
  • Full day kindergarten
  • Favorable teacher/student ratio
  • Accelerated math and science classes
  • Vast coursework in STEM subjects
  • Advanced Placement (AP) and Dual Enrollment courses
  • Gifted program that provides community mentors and internships and fosters a warm relationship between school and community
  • Pre-Kindergarten Program
  • Pre-K – 4 DIBELS Assessment Program
  • Accelerated Reader in Elementary and Middle School Program