Financial Aid

Financial Aid Timeline – Know What To Do When

Sept 9, Thursday, 6:30 pm

Sept 16, Thursday, Noon

Sept 23, Thursday, 6:30 pm

Sept 28, Tuesday, Noon

Follow financial aid experts Linda Pacewicz and Dan Wray of PHEAA’s PA Forward Program as they guide you along the exciting (and sometimes bumpy) road to an affordable higher education.  The journey will begin before high school and end in the land of education loan repayment – or maybe even education loan forgiveness.  One thing is for certain:  it’s never too early to start preparing for a successful higher education experience.  This one-hour presentation will provide the starting points – and web resources – for effective research before, during, and after your student makes postsecondary decisions. Knowing what to expect and to plan for it is the key.  Failing to plan, is planning to fail!


Searching for Scholarships and Affording the Balance

Sept 14 Tuesday Noon

Sept 21 Tuesday 6:30 pm

Sept 30 Thursday Noon

There are many ways to pay for education, and one important step is to search and apply for Scholarships. More free money equals less borrowing.  This presentation will review the types of options available, along with tips on applying.  It will also offer samples of fun scholarship options to get you started.  We’ll then review what to do about the balances that might be left over in order to make affordable higher education decisions.  Join Linda Pacewicz and Dan Wray from PHEAA’s PA Forward Program for an hour of detailed information on this topic.


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