New School Day Procedures

Union Area Middle/High School

New daily procedures for our return to school on October 5th

We certainly realize there are a lot of changes taking place.  The number one goal is to keep everyone safe while we resume classes. We understand that it is going to take some time to get adjusted, we kindly ask for your patience with all of the changes. It is so important that we are flexible and willing to work with each other in order to create a safe, educational environment. Thank you in advance for your cooperation, it is greatly appreciated!

We look forward to your return on Monday, Oct. 5th (DAY 1)

  • Masks must be worn upon entering the building and throughout the day
  • Masks may be removed during the following times: 

When you are eating breakfast or lunch

When you are given a mask break

  • Temperatures will be taken upon entering the building via a walk through scanner or handheld thermometer if necessary

If you DO NOT have a temperature you will continue to your assigned location

If you DO have a temperature you will be sent to the nurse’s office

Please note that if you had to take medication to reduce a fever you should not report to school

  • Entering the building:

We are asking that students do not arrive before 7:30 am

When you arrive, if you plan to eat breakfast you should report to the breakfast line and eat in the cafeteria 

If you do not plan to eat breakfast when you arrive between 7:30 and 7:45, please go to your locker then report to your first-period classroom

Note to 6th Grade:

Grade 6: If you plan to eat breakfast, get your food and then report to the big gym to eat.

If you do not plan to eat breakfast, report to the big gym upon arriving to school.

  • Directions for hallways, etc.  

There are tape markings, arrows, etc. on the floors; please follow the traffic patterns that have been set.

  • Student Lockers are labeled with names on the outside. Please leave your name tag on your locker.  You are permitted to have a lock on your locker. If you can’t find your locker please let your first-period teacher know.
  • Seating will be assigned by your teachers for each class you have, assigned seats are required to assist with contact tracing if it becomes necessary.  Note: Some of your classrooms may be in different locations; this is to assist with social distancing guidelines.
  • Breakfast/Lunch Seating-you will be required to sit in the same seat each day-again; this is to assist with contact tracing if necessary. 4 students per lunch table with a seat between each student. We have new round tables in the cafeteria and will make seating charts on the first day based on where you decide to sit.

Note:  Students will not be permitted to just go to another classroom unless that specific teacher requests for them to do so.

  • Gym class: students will not change clothes for gym class, although students should have tennis shoes for gym class.

Sports bags:  any athletic bag should be stored in the respective locker room. Students should drop sports bags off before first period. Sports bags will not be permitted in classrooms.  Sports bags can only be picked up at the end of the school day.  If you are leaving early for an athletic event your coach will need to let you into the locker room to retrieve your sports bag.

  • Water: Students are encouraged to bring their own water to school with their name on their water bottle, only clear water bottles are permitted—again, ONLY water is permitted.
  • End of school day procedures:  When the bell rings at 2:52 students are required to gather their belongings and leave the building promptly-no congregating.  

Please note-NO activity bus this school year.




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