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Dear Union Community:

Below is some important information regarding our school’s reopening plan.  The first student day is scheduled for Tuesday, September 8.  Students will begin with virtual learning.

Students in Ms. Kassi’s and Ms. Magusiak’s classes will receive separate back-to-school information.


Reopening Handbook for All Parents and Students

All parents and students should review this handbook regardless of which educational option you will ultimately choose.  The sections that apply to your educational choice are listed on Page 2.  This handbook contains detailed information regarding virtual/remote learning, synchronous learning, the Cyber U Academy, and students attending LCCTC.



Synchronous/Remote Learning Sign Up

If you plan to have your child stay in the Synchronous/Remote Learning option after in-person education begins, please contact your child’s building principal.


Cyber U Academy

If you plan to have your child attend the Cyber U Academy and have not completed the application, you may print the application and information HERE.  Or, please stop by your child’s school for a copy.


Meal Delivery Sign Up

All Union students are eligible for breakfast and lunch delivery while we are participating in virtual instruction.  Students who receive free meals will not be charged.  Students who receive reduced-cost meals will be charged the reduced cost.  Students who pay full price for meals will be charged full price.  Meals can only be delivered to addresses within the school district.

Click here for the meal sign up

Meal delivery for students who stay in the synchronous/remote learning option after in-person education resumes is available.

To cancel meal delivery at any point, please contact your child’s school.


Transportation Information

A survey will be sent in early September to determine who plans to ride school transportation to and from school. That survey will be used to create bus runs.  The goal will be to socially distance on school transportation as much as possible.


K-5 Meet and Greet

Please click here for k-5 Meet and Greet information.


Chromebook/Textbook Pick Up

A pick up schedule will be sent out for parents to pick up materials the week of August 31 – September 4.  This schedule will be sent out next week.


Virtual Schedules

The daily schedule for virtual learning is included in the handbook above.



If there are questions that are not answered in the Reopening Handbook, please contact your child’s school.





Union Area Phased School Reopening


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